Sunday, 11 December 2011


AMD considers the cloister amount Phenoms to be the aboriginal "true" cloister amount design, as these processors are a caked multi-core architecture (all cores on the aforementioned silicon die), clashing Intel's Amount 2 Cloister alternation which are a multi-chip bore (MCM) design. The processors are on the Socket AM2+ platform.2

Before Phenom's aboriginal absolution a blemish was apparent in the adaptation lookaside absorber (TLB) that could account a arrangement lock-up in attenuate circumstances; Phenom processors up to and including dispatch "B2" and "BA" are afflicted by this bug. BIOS andcomputer application workarounds attenuate the TLB, and about acquire a achievement amends of at atomic 10%.3 This amends was not accounted for in pre-release previews of Phenom, appropriately the achievement of aboriginal Phenoms delivered to barter is accepted to be beneath than the examination benchmarks. "B3" dispatch Phenom processors were appear March 27, 2008 after the TLB bug and with "xx50" archetypal numbers.4

An AMD accessory has appear a application for the Linux kernel,5 to affected this bug bycomputer application appetite of accessed- and dirty-bits. This adjustment causes beneath achievement accident than antecedent workarounds. The affairs was said in December 2007 to accept accustomed "minimal funtional testing."67

AMD launched several models of the Phenom processor in 2007 and 2008 and an upgraded Phenom II in backward 2008

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